New Year Song


New Year Song


Never released sing-along to ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year darlin'!

Happy New Year friends!

May the new year bless us all with love that never ends!

There's a new day dawning!

Raise a glass and sound your cheer!

All the world is celebrating

Happy New, New Year!!!

(a fond farewell to yesterday, let's take what made us strong, and turn to face the rising sun, and sing our HOPEFUL song!)

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The world needs a brand new (but sounds old-school, like an old Irish pub tune) NEW YEAR SONG that we can all remember the words to! And sing our guts out with each other when we ring it in! Watch the video here, or click above to purchase the mp3 for yourself! Play it for friends, send it to radio stations during the holidays to play as 'bumper music'. Whatever it takes to get the whole world singing!