Thousands At His Bidding Speed

Thousands At His Bidding Speed


ORIGINAL Acrylic on canvas. Small 8x10 inch. Painted with palette knife, not brushes, for high texture. White gallery wrapped canvas edge. Wired and ready to hang. Part of the angel series, this one based on a poem by John Milton "On His Blindness."

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"One of my favorite poems is a sonnet by John Milton (1608-1674) titled 'On His Blindness.' Frustrated by the limitations brought on by his blindness, Milton reasons how to best serve God. His poetic conclusion wisely considers how the angels themselves serve God--thousands speed over land and ocean without rest, while others only stand and wait for their orders. Both are serving equally at His bidding!

I painted two pieces in my angel series based on this poem. One shows a more static, solid, colorful being, wings unfolded and relaxed, patiently waiting for his next mission (They Also Serve Who Only Stand And Wait). The other is painted as a hasty sketch, as if he were only visible to the artist for a brief, blurry second and then sped away, quickly recorded on the canvas in the few seconds while the fleet memory lasted (Thousands At His Bidding Speed)." - Chris Rice