Before you contact us, check the FAQ list at the bottom of this page.


For artwork issues (and RIPP+RICE pre-release CD issues), please contact Jill at our art customer service email address:

*PLEASE NOTE: We cannot send any messages to Chris Rice through this channel. We have no access to any personal or product information for Chris Rice other than what you can find for yourself in a web search. Due to the Artist's contract limitations, we are not authorized to sell, permit licensing, or grant permission for use of any of Chris Rice's songs, lyrics, CD's, (with the temporary exception of the sale of RIPP+RICE pre-release CD) songbooks, sheet music, or related products. You must contact the appropriate publishers or retail outlets for those interactions. We do not have that contact information.


Mr. Rice is not currently booking concerts, interviews, or any events (public or private). His management team will post that booking information here whenever he becomes available. (Beware of online booking scams. No one represents Chris Rice except for legitimate contact information posted here on CHRISRICE.COM.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I know immediately when Chris's paintings are available. They sell out so fast!

The minute his paintings are available on the website, Chris puts the word out instantly through three social media outlets, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The best and immediate way to know when he has posted a new painting is to follow him on Twitter ( or his Facebook fan page ( or on Instagram (

  • Is there a way to get prints of Chris's paintings?

Yes! For many of Chris's paintings, there are fine art prints available on paper, stretched canvas, wood, aluminum, acrylic, and mdf panels! With framing and matting options. Click on the ART PRINTS link in the menu at the top of any page on CHRISRICE.COM to get to one of the TWO online stores where they are sold!

  • Why are only SOME paintings available in prints and note cards?

A quality print must come from a hi-resolution digital image. We only aquired hi-res images of SOME of the original paintings before we sold them, not all of them. So only a few of them are available in print form.

  • How can I commission Chris Rice for a painting?

Chris doesn't do any commissioned works.

  • How do I get permission to use Chris Rice's recordings, songs or lyrics in a video, book, etc.?

CHRISRICE.COM is not authorized to give permission or licenses for use of any of Chris Rice's products, songs, lyrics, recordings, or any of his other works.

Because of contract limitations, the ARTIST himself is not authorized to give that permission either. That permission must come from the Record Label/Distributor, or the Publisher/Administrator.

If you wish to use one of the artist's actual recordings, you must contact the Record Label.

If you wish to use song lyrics, or the song in some other way (besides Chris Rice's recording of it), you must contact the Publisher/Administrator.

If you have a copy of the actual product, you will likely find the Record Label/Distributor listed on the cover or CD booklet, or the Publisher/Administrator information listed after the song lyrics. These vary from song-to-song, record-to-record. So you'll have to find that information to make direct contact with that company.

We do not have that contact information.