My living room has been transformed once again into a recording studio! What does it mean? MORE MUSIC SOON! Yeah, I know. It's been forever!



Drummer/Percussion player Ken Lewis, playing the snare drum with his FINGERS for one of the songs. What a creative player, this guy!

I am releasing a DUO project with my amazing friend, Andrew Ripp! It's a side-project collection of songs we have co-written over the past 8 years, I sing half of them, he sings the other half! We sing backup vocals on each other's songs too. So far, this stuff sounds sooooooo good. (That's not too braggy, eh?)



Studio Engineer Logan Matheny hard at work making us sound good! And he brings the perfect vibe to the whole situation. Pumped to be working with this guy.

If you're familiar with Andrew Ripp (and his ridiculous voice!), then you've already heard songs we've written together on his records:  songs like -- "It Will Come," "Rescue Me" (a duet with Vince Gill), "Sooner Or Later," and "Waiting Room."

But a lot of the songs we wrote have not been recorded, so a few weeks ago we decided to do something about it.  We picked out our best songs and decided to record them together! I'm on piano, he's on guitar, our favorite players and singers are on other instruments.

What kind of songs? Simple, artful, heart-moving. You'll hear of faith, love, humor, beauty, loss, all the things writers love to write about (and love to hear in songs!)

Now that we're in full-swing recording mode, it's time to start getting the word out on this project.

So now you know! Get ready. Spread the news.

Oh, and by the way, I love these songs!